VACMASTERS  Has been the leader in Air-Vacuum Excavation systems for over a quarter of a century. Our attention to our customers needs have played a vital role in our design process, allowing us to offer the most user friendly and reliable Air-Vacuum Excavators on the market. Vacmasters wide range of SYSTEM types, allowing Utility Contractors and design firms many different models to choose from that fit their job application and budget. Our Air-Vacuum Excavators are preferred by most utility contractors because of the power that is offered by our proprietary compressor package and Air-Tec digging nozzle. Vacmasters  Automatic Purge filtration in conjunction with our dual purpose interceptor canister makes filter maintenance a breeze; eliminating the constant need to pull and clean filters, saving you much needed time in the field.

Our Air-Vacuum Excavating Systems are designed to ensure the operator can dig with air 95% of the time, All Vacmasters units are equipped with onboard water for quick utility probing, Hydro-Vacuum excavation or to clean up the truck or jobsite when finished. Air-Vacuum Excavation saves time, reduces risk of damaging a utility, saves money on backfill and disposal costs and wont damage the road base, making a Vacmasters system preferred by most states Department of Transportation.

VACMASTERS systems use supersonic air to penetrate, expand and explode the soil from within while keeping it dry for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling. Here’s how VACMASTERS Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems work. Check out our Air vs Water Brochure!


SYSTEM 1000, SYSTEM 3000, SYSTEM 4000, SYSTEM 5000, SYSTEM 6000, SpoilVac

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