Vacmasters Air Vacuum Excavators for Trenching and Potholing with Keyhole Technology

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Optional Equipment

Listed below are some of the options that can be added to your VACMASTERS Air-Vacuum Excavator or SpoilVac Hydrovac Excavation System. In addition to what is shown here, VACMASTERS’ engineers can design and fabricate custom features to ensure that you get the exact system configuration you are looking for.

Barrel-Top Interceptor

The interceptor is designed as a means of keeping the spoils removed from a hole nearby for fast, easy backfilling. It is often used in applications where the pothole is being dug in a remote location some distance from the system (such as a back yard) eliminating the need to return to the system to retrieve the spoils for backfilling. The interceptor can also be used to keep dry and wet spoils separate, with dry spoils going into the 55 gallon barrel and wet spoils going into the system spoils tank for disposal. Environmental firms also like the ability to vacuum contaminated material directly into a barrel for transport away from the site and disposal.

Traffic Direction Board

The Traffic Direction Board allows your crew to work along busy and residential street locations by providing a bright L.E.D. directional display to help control traffic.  Avoid unwanted vehicle accidents by always using your Traffic Direction Board while you are operating your Air-Vacuum Excavation System.

Sandblast System

Sandblasting is a process of propelling very fine bits of sand or abrasive material against a surface at high velocity. This process can smooth, roughen or remove contaminants from a surface.

Heated Water System

Use the Heated Water System to penetrate initial ground frost prior to your air-vacuum excavation project.

Work Lights W/12 VDC Outlet & Spotlight

Shed some light on your utility locating project…no matter what time of day!

Rotating Water Nozzle

The Rotating Water Nozzle allows you to quickly and easily clean your system without worrying about damaging the paint or graphics. The rapidly spinning nozzle head projects a 30° cone of high-pressure water, at the same time helping reduce splash-back.

Combination Pick-Up Wand and 48" Extension

Combines water jets and vacuum. Allows operator to control the air-flow to regulate the vacuum’s suction power. 4 ft. extensions available.

Traffic Cone Stand

Stack all your traffic cones neatly in one designated area.

A.C. Generator

The Mecc Alte 4.2 KW A.C. generator can be installed on your VACMASTERS system providing a source of power for those job sites where an electrical outlet is not available.

Vacuum Hose Boom

Give your operators the ability to effortlessly maneuver the vacuum hose while operating your air-vacuum excavation system. Available for the SYSTEM 4000 and the SYSTEM 1000

Trailer Hitches

VACMASTERS offers two types of trailer hitches for your truck-mounted air-vacuum excavation system.

  • 2” Class-4 receiver hitch with combination 2 5/16” ball/pintle. Includes 7-pin RV-style trailer wiring plug. 14,000 lb. tow capacity.
  • Flat plate pintle hitch tied into the truck frame w/ 14,000 lb. tow capacity.

Wheelbarrow & Mounting Stand

Store your wheelbarrow directly on the flatbed body of the SYSTEM 4000.

Storage Box

Include a diamond-plate storage box mounted on the trailer tongue of your SYSTEM 1000 or SpoilVac Systems.

Additional 85 gl. Water Tank

Have a second 85-gallon water tank installed on the right-hand side of your SYSTEM 4000 or the left-hand side of your SYSTEM 1000. (Note: installation on the SYSTEM 1000 requires relocation of air-hose reel and addition of jackhammer holster to R/H side of trailer).

Jackhammer with Bits

Heavy duty Kent pneumatic 90# jackhammer for concrete or asphalt removal.


The Kent K6R Redline Tamper is perfect for compacting backfill.

Extra Vacuum Hose Lengths

Purchase extra vacuum hose directly from VACMASTERS. Two varieties available.

  • Kanaflex 4” 180 Black
  • Flexhaust 4” Commercial Black

The solution to overweight hydrovacs under Ontario's Highway Traffic Act


SYSTEM 6000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 5000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 4000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 3000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 1000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing



SpoiilVac Hydro Excavator for Hydro Excavation


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