Vacmasters Air Vacuum Excavators for Trenching and Potholing with Keyhole Technology

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Home Page for Vacmasters Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems. Pothole excavators. Air Vacuum Excavation Systems for trenching and potholing. Utility location excavators. Video demonstration of air vacuum excavation keyhole technology. Trenching and Potholing to locate underground utilities. Vacmasters: The Leader in Air Vacuum Excavation. Excavator systems for potholing and trenching with air. System 1000, 3000, 4000, and 6000. Testimonials from companies using air vacuum excavation to locate underground utilities. Keyhole technology potholing for underground utility work. Contact Vacmasters, the leader in air vacuum excavation. Pothole with keyhole technology to locate underground utilities

Vacuum Excavators for Underground Utility Locating

VACMASTERS is the leader in air-vacuum excavation. Our systems use high-pressure air for excavating anything from small holes to large trenches at depths in excess of 10' for underground utility location, inspection, maintenance (keyhole technology). They are designed to help you locate underground utilities precisely, safely, and with no damage to the buried utilities, all advantages of potholing with air versus hydro excavating.

Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems

VACMASTERS engineers, develops, designs, and manufactures four major air-vacuum excavation systems:

System 6000 Air-Vacuum Excavator for potholing, trenching, and underground utility locating

SYSTEM 6000 -– the world’s most powerful air-vacuum excavation system and the first with the power to trench as well as pothole. 

System 5000 Air-Vacuum Excavator for potholing and underground utility locating

SYSTEM 5000 – substantially faster digging than the 4000 with a modest size and the added benefit of a full-opening rear door.

System 4000 Air-Vacuum Excavator for potholing and underground utility locating

SYSTEM 4000 – smaller and lighter in weight than the 5000, yet with the capacity to pothole in the hardest soils, including ground frost.

System 3000 Air-Vacuum Excavator for potholing and underground utility locating

SYSTEM 3000 – offers you a mid-priced system with big-time power. Highly maneuverable and easy to operate.

System 1000 Air-Vacuum Excavator for potholing and underground utility location

SYSTEM 1000 – our smallest air-vacuum system. Designed for trailer, truck or skid mounting, offering low cost, small size and high performance.


These air-vacuum excavation systems may also be used to remove excess directional boring slurry, or for a variety of other clean-out jobs, such as valve boxes, catch basins, etc. Check out a side-by-side comparison of our four air-vacuum excavation systems.

SpoilVac Mud Vacuum System

SpoilVac Hydro Excavation Mud Vacuum System: hydro excavator for directional boring slurry removal and clean out of valve boxes, catch basins, underground vaultsSpoilVac is VACMASTERS' mud vacuum for removing directional-boring slurry. This system also has an optional high-pressure water system for digging. The SpoilVac was designed primarily to vacuum up mud but can also perform limited potholing duties using high-pressure water only. Please consider however, that if your primary business revolves around locating underground utilities, we strongly recommend one of our air-vacuum excavation systems listed above, which are safer for the buried utilities and the operator, but can also be used to remove slurry.

Like all VACMASTERS' Vacuum Excavation Systems, SpoilVac is sold factory direct, saving you an average of 30% compared to buying one of our competitors' hydro excavators from a dealer. SpoilVac can be ordered online (click here), or by calling us directly at 1-800-466-7825.

VACMASTERS Air-Vacuum Video Demo

See one of VACMASTERS Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems pothole in action. Click here to see how you can use air to locate underground utilities using keyhole technology.

Our Promise

When you invest in a VACMASTERS, we promise to go above and beyond what you would customarily expect and provide you with unmatched customer service and support throughout the life of your system! We take great pride in assuring our customers' satisfaction — from their initial phone call, to the delivery of their system. With every VACMASTERS Air-Vacuum Excavation System ordered, we will send one of our trained factory technicians to your location to spend two days working with your people, trainng them in the operation and maintenance of your new VACMASTERS system.

One of our customers was so pleased with his experience with VACMASTERS that he felt compelled to leave an anonymous voice-mail after hours. Here is what he had to say: "…Just over a year ago we purchased a SYSTEM 4000 from VACMASTERS and it has far exceeded everyone's expectations. On top of that, your customer service has been top notch… We would recommend you to anybody."

We strive to make sure every customer feels this same way. Most importantly, we are here when you need us and are only a toll-free call away for sales, support or service.

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Vacmasters System 6000: Powerful air vacuum excavator for trenching and potholing. Locate or install underground utilities.Vacmasters System 5000: High performance air vaccum excavation for keyhole technology potholing to locate underground utilitiesVacmasters System 4000: High performance air vaccum excavation for keyhole technology potholing to locate underground utilitiesVacmasters System 3000: Mid size air vacuum excavation and location of underground utilities through potholes and keyhole technologyVacmasters System 1000: Affordable trailer or truck mounted air vacuum excavator for locating underground utilities through potholing.Vacmasters System 1000: Affordable trailer or truck mounted air vacuum excavator for locating underground utilities through potholing.Custom Air_Vacuum Excavation SystemsVacmasters Spoilvac Mud Vacuum
About Vacmasters: Manufacturer of Air Vacuum Excavation Systems for trenching and potholing for locating underground utility linesVacmasters business philosophy: manufacture high quality air vacuum excavators and sell factory direct to underground utility location companiesVacmasters 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Designing leading air vacuum excavation systems for potholing and locating underground utilities.Virtual tour of Vacmasters manufacturing plant where we build air vacuum excavators for underground utility locationVacmasters ads: advertising air vacuum excavation systems in underground construction and other magazines for the potholing and trenching industry