Vacmasters Air Vacuum Excavators for Trenching and Potholing with Keyhole Technology

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Home Page for Vacmasters Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems. Pothole excavators. Air Vacuum Excavation Systems for trenching and potholing. Utility location excavators. Video demonstration of air vacuum excavation keyhole technology. Trenching and Potholing to locate underground utilities. Vacmasters: The Leader in Air Vacuum Excavation. Excavator systems for potholing and trenching with air. System 1000, 3000, 4000, and 6000. Testimonials from companies using air vacuum excavation to locate underground utilities. Keyhole technology potholing for underground utility work. Contact Vacmasters, the leader in air vacuum excavation. Pothole with keyhole technology to locate underground utilities



“We install and service more than 10 million feet of energy distribution systems annually, making us the recognized industry leader. As part of our work, we have to know what’s down there, and we can’t damage any utilities while we’re trying to find out.  Potholing with a Vacmasters system is more economical than water because we can dig a hole faster, with no mud hauling or disposal, no returning with backfill, and no road base or underground utility damage resulting in costly claims. Air is non-conductive so it’s definitely safer for our operators. VACMASTERS also gives us great factory support and even trains our people.”

Todd Davisson, Sr. Manager–Purchasing and Assets
NPL Construction Company

Air-Vac Systems, LLC

“We’ve done a lot of potholing for the oil and gas companies here in West Texas using four of VACMASTERS’ System 4000 air-vacuum excavators. When they built the new SYSTEM 6000, we bought the first one right off the shop floor. It’s the most powerful air-vacuum excavation system in the world and it will even dig trenches with air. All VACMASTERS’ air-vacuum excavators vacuum up the dry soil as they dig so we can back-fill with the same spoils right away, saving time and money. The remote-operated boom arm on the 6000 makes it easy for a two-man crew, and our guys really like the hydraulic, full-opening rear door for easy dumping and cleaning. VACMASTERS trains us on their systems and when we need technical support, they’re just a phone call away.”

Dave Campbell, Owner-President
Air-Vac Systems, LLC

“Using the Federal Highway Administration’s Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) protocol and with the help of VACMASTERS Systems, we are able to visually locate underground utilities for our clients in the design stages of projects, before construction, avoiding costly utility conflict or construction delays caused by unknown or misrepresented utilities. Their dry excavation systems mean we don’t have to use high-pressure water, which is not only capable of cutting the utility, but is also dangerous to operators because it is conductive.”

Jim Gellenthin, PLS, Vice President
KCI Technologies, Inc.

“Underground Solutions locates utilities quickly and accurately with Vacmasters advanced air-vacuum excavation systems. They deliver high-pressure supersonic air through a special nozzle that explodes the soil from within that makes for easy backfilling with the same dry spoils. Air is non-disruptive, with no damage to the road base and there’s no need to haul off mud and return with fill dirt. We pay a little more for one of Vacmasters Air Vacuum Systems but it pays for itself with each job that we do.  That’s why we have four and hope to order more soon.”

Mike Arme, President
Underground Solutions, Inc.

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SYSTEM 6000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 5000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 4000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 3000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


SYSTEM 1000 Air Vacuum Excavator for Potholing


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Vacmasters System 6000: Powerful air vacuum excavator for trenching and potholing. Locate or install underground utilities.Vacmasters System 5000: High performance air vaccum excavation for keyhole technology potholing to locate underground utilitiesVacmasters System 4000: High performance air vaccum excavation for keyhole technology potholing to locate underground utilitiesVacmasters System 3000: Mid size air vacuum excavation and location of underground utilities through potholes and keyhole technologyVacmasters System 1000: Affordable trailer or truck mounted air vacuum excavator for locating underground utilities through potholing.Vacmasters System 1000: Affordable trailer or truck mounted air vacuum excavator for locating underground utilities through potholing.Custom Air_Vacuum Excavation SystemsVacmasters Spoilvac Mud Vacuum
About Vacmasters: Manufacturer of Air Vacuum Excavation Systems for trenching and potholing for locating underground utility linesVacmasters business philosophy: manufacture high quality air vacuum excavators and sell factory direct to underground utility location companiesVacmasters 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Designing leading air vacuum excavation systems for potholing and locating underground utilities.Virtual tour of Vacmasters manufacturing plant where we build air vacuum excavators for underground utility locationVacmasters ads: advertising air vacuum excavation systems in underground construction and other magazines for the potholing and trenching industry